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The cornerstone of your strategy should be to ensure you protect your wealth creation sources

Unexpected events can happen, which can impact your ability to generate income.

Our wealth protection division creates tailored individual personal insurance packages for our clients. This ensures that they are both adequately and appropriately protected against the financial consequences that can arise from unexpected events, which can lead to long term, or even permanent absence from the workforce.

With a focus on tax efficiency and appropriate structures, we recommend cost effective solutions, to ensure that debts and replacement income are comprehensively covered where necessary.

We regularly review the recommended cover, to ensure that it remains appropriate, taking into account any personal, financial or market changes that may have occurred. We have access to a wide variety of insurers that allow us to obtain the most appropriate product available for your individual circumstances

The world of insurance can be complex; various types and levels of cover can be packaged to suit each client’s requirements. At PKF Mack Financial services we pride ourselves on making the complex understandable.

Your recommended protection may include the following insurance types:

  • Income replacement insurance
  • Trauma insurance
  • Total and permanent disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Business expenses insurance

Which can be utilised to fund the following;

  • Loan Protection
  • Family Protection
  • Key Person insurance
  • Shareholder Protection