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What makes a PKF Mack audit different?

Right Size

Our size affords us flexibility, less encumbered by slow moving processes.  All PKF Mack audit decisions are made locally by the Audit Partner.  This means we are able to put the right people forward at a price that is appropriate and fair.  Our size enables us to dedicate senior Partner and Manager time to you.

Right Experience

We have a significant depth of experience across a wide range of industry sectors including mining exploration and extraction, manufacturing, stockbroking, wholesale and retail trade, education and not for profit organisations.  Our portfolio includes listed public companies, large public and governance bodies and privately owned businesses.

Right Team

We specifically select your Audit team based on their skills and experience to provide you with the best possible audit. Our Partners and Managers take the time to get to know you and your business and are always easily accessible to you.

We are committed to developing an open relationship with your senior management that is based on good communication, swift responses to queries, outstanding client service and mutual respect.

Right Price

We determine our fess based on our calculations of the time required to provide a robust and value for money audit.  We are recognised for our ability to set the right price and as a result, rarely need to discuss cost overruns with our clients.  This is a distinguishing feature of a PKF Mack audit.  We don't offer a low price to win your business and then increase the price later to recoup losses resulting from thin margins and poor management.