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24 March 2020 - Bank Support

With the continuing spread of Covid -19, and the ever increasing economic impact, banks and the government have announced unprecedented levels of support for both business and residential borrowers.
The measures include providing repayment relief for both business and residential loans, and access to additional credit for businesses.
There are different levels of support being provided by different lenders. Initially, given the expected level of interest in such assistance, we suggest that you contact your lender directly using the details in the below document:

List of Lenders and Contact Details

We believe that this will be the most effective way of contacting your bank at a time when they will be dealing with a far greater number of clients than usual.
If your lender does not appear in the document above, please contact us so that we can provide you with the necessary assistance. Please also contact us if you would like any further information in relation to these measures.
It is extremely important that you are in contact with your lender where you are seeking some relief from your repayments. We are here to assist where we can in this process and in the first instance we recommend that where possible you register using the links in the above document.

At PKF Perth we are here to help you navigate through this unprecedented situation. We have implemented policies consistent with Government recommendations.  We have infrastructure in place to enable staff to work from home and are currently doing so on a 50/50 basis.  We are open for business and here to support our valued clients.

We are in this together, we will make it through the other side.
Please contact your relationship partner if you have any queries on (08) 9426 8999.