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The PKF Perth Story

In 1978, David Mack established Mack & Co, a Chartered Accounting firm based in West Perth.  David led the firm until 1987 and the firm grew to be a well-respected mid-tier practice with a reputation for high quality advice and exceptional client service.

In 2011, the firm joined the PKF Australia and International networks, providing our clients with access to an even greater network of expertise and opportunities.  Joining the PKF network helped us grow alongside our clients in Australia and overseas.

The firm became known as PKF Mack & Co, recognising the strength of the PKF Australia network and the excellent reputation of Mack & Co in the Western Australian business community.  Our clients continue to grow with us and see the benefits provided by PKF International's network of over 385 offices in 125 countries around the world.

From October 2014 we became known as PKF Mack, a name change that reflects our strong commitment to our history and demonstrates our focus on the future - where innovation, collaboration and efficiency highlight the way forward.

On 1 July 2016 PKF Mack merged with Pike Skinner Chartered Accountants who to were a locally owned firm.

The firm continues to grow and build upon our solid reputation in the Perth market for trust, assurance and experience.