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16 April 2020 - Jobkeeper Payments

The JobKeeker support announced by the Government is by far the largest form of support for businesses that are affected by COVID-19. It is also the one that is causing the most confusion and distress. The laws are now passed and the rules and an explanatory documents have been issued.

  • Not all businesses are entitled to the JobKeeper payment and it is essential that a business ensures that it is qualified before they begin to pay employees.
  • Entitled businesses must ensure that each eligible employee receives at least $1,500 per fortnight (before tax).
  • For employees that have been stood down, your employer must pay you, at a minimum, $1,500 per fortnight, before tax.
  • For employees that have been receiving less than this amount, the employer will need to top up the payment to $1,500 per fortnight, before tax.
  • For employees that were already receiving this amount from the employer they will continue to receive their regular income according to their prevailing workplace arrangements.
  • For those employees earning more than this amount, the employer does not have to pay them more but is able to provide them with a top-up at their discretion.
  • The payments are a safety net to ensure that all employees that continue to be engaged by employers will receive a minimum payment of $1,500 per fortnight.

Key dates

  • 20 April – Enrol using the online form
  • April – Make all required payments (the first payment did not need to be made by 12 April (for the period 30 March to 12 April)
  • 4 May – Confirm eligible employees using the business portal

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